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Chess-playing automata, mathematical pigs and super-memory. These were the men and women (and sometimes animals) who baffled the world with seemingly impossible mental feats.

This year, magician Pete Booth and mentalist Sean Mergard return from sellout shows at Brisbane Powerhouse to recreate history’s most bizarre acts of mental dexterity and cognitive capacity.

The child so musically talented the audience thought he had magic powers.
The real Rain Man.
The prodigy who took down a casino using his own mind.

Superhuman displays of mental prowess or just a dirty trick? You decide.

Featuring live jazz arranged by Ken McLean, Very Stable Geniuses will take you on a journey of the extraordinary exploits of the mind.

Very Stable Geniuses premiered as part of Anywhere Festival 2018 in five sold-out performances. 


In May 2021, Very Stable Geniuses returned with new magic as part of Anywhere Festival 2021 in four sold-out shows.