Enter the inner sanctum of tricksters, pranksters, hoaxers, and scammers and learn the tricks that have been used for centuries to separate people from their money. 
Join Sean Mergard (Mentalist) and Pete Booth (Comedy Magician) and learn how to take down the casino, convince people you're psychic, and raise the dead. 


Turning Tricks utilises the techniques of magic, mentalism and comedy to tell the tales of the biggest scams the world has ever known - from the beginning of the supernatural to today's television psychics, and everything in between.


Turning Tricks was Written by Pete Booth and Sean Mergard. The show premiered at the Brisbane Fringe Festival 2013 as part of Brisbane Fringe Comedy in two sellout shows, becoming the highest selling show of the 2013 Festival.


In May 2014, Turning Tricks was performed in full at the Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane with four Sold Out performances and two further Sold Out encore performances. The final full-length performance of Turning Tricks for 2014 was performed at Metro Arts on Halloween.


Turning Tricks returned for the final time for 2014 at Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the first Wonderland Festival, selling out three shows.